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1972 BMW 2002 Sold at Sotheby’s Auction

Sotheby’s most recent car auction, in Plymouth, Michigan, recently hosted a variety of classic and beautiful cars from all around the world. Most notable at this most recent auction was an absolutely gorgeous and incredibly rare 1929 Stutz Model M Four-Passenger Speedster that sold for a whopping $302,500. What an amazing car, and built in the US of A. There was also a beautiful 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE 3.5 Coupe, which sold for $121,000.

But for all you Bimmer-files, a gorgeous example of a 1972 BMW 2002 sold at auction for $38,500. That’s quite a lot of money for a 2002, as they can be had for under $10,000 in decent shape. But this one is incredibly well maintained and all original. It was painted in Golf Yellow, which looks absolutely incredible on the plucky little 2002. Yellow is a good color for the car, as it’s small and fun and bright in personality, so the color should match that. The interior is black leatherette, which is typical of an older BMW. It also had BMW sport seats, which give it added want-factor.

Good example of BMW 2002 interior

Good example of BMW 2002 interior

The engine of this little guy was a 2.0 liter SOHC four-cylinder engine, making a whopping 100 hp. Mated to a four-speed manual, this little bugger actually moved. While it’s 0-60 mph time is around 10 seconds glacial by today’s standards, in 1972 the BMW 2002 was considered to be quick little car. Even if it isn’t as fast as you’d be used to today, even if your daily driver was a Toyota Camry, it’s still a hoot to drive. The 2002 was known, even then, for having some of the best steering feel and driver connection out of any car in the world. It practically invented BMW’s Ultimate Driving Machine motto.

While this 2002 is gorgeous and special, I don’t know if I’d want to buy it. As a stationary item, 2002s  aren’t that exciting. They don’t inspire awe like an old Jaguar E-Type or even an old Alfa Romeo. BMW 2002s aren’t show cars, they’re driver’s cars. This little 2002 is meant to be driven and driven hard and I think I’d have a hard time driving such a perfect car in such a way. It’s too clean and perfect, without any real issues. So every pebble coming up from the road and bug splatter would make me cringe, and I’m sure I’m speaking for many of you out there as well. Sometimes it’s better to have a car that shows its age a bit, as then you can drive it hard without worry.


However, regardless of your preference for old cars, this 1972 BMW 2002 is an absolute beauty. If you’re into old classic cars, regardless of type, this 2002 is worth checking out, as well as the rest of the cars sold at Sotheby’s.

[Source: Automobile Mag]

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