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Alpine White BMW F10 M5 With MORR Wheels

Alpine White paint job is back once again. The classy color is now featured on an F10 BMW M5 which also comes with some aftermarket parts to make the super sedan stand out even more.

This Alpine White BMW F10 M5 comes equipped with a set of MORR wheels. Installed in 21 inches combined with a lowering kit, the custom wheels give the car an unique look. The F10 M5 has always been praised for its aggressive appearance and overall sporty style, while not overlooking the DNA of an elegant midsize limousine.

According to Adrian van Hooydonk, “BMW design has a tendency to periodically muscle in with big, bold, design statements – to knock down walls – and in the follow-up model, its stylists can move about a bit more in the clean air made possible by its predecessor.”

Alpine White BMW F10 M5 With MORR Wheels

While not using the same revolutionary approach as his predecessor – Chris Bangle – Van Hooydonk gave the F10 M5 a timeless design that will stand the test of time.

Chris Bangle once said it was necessary for product lines to follow a cycle of a revolutionary generation followed by an evolutionary model, so we expect the next generation M5 to be one of a kind.

The photoshoot seen here manages to outline the design of the F10 M5 from all angles, so click through below for some cool photography.

Alpine White BMW F10 M5 With MORR Wheels

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