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BMW 1M First Drive by AutoExpress

First reviews of the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe are starting to pour in. From the UK, AutoExpress magazines brings out a review of the 1M in Black Sapphire. Here is an excerpt from their review:

As with all BMW’s M cars – with the exception of the CSL and M3 GTS – this is no stripped-out racer. Thumb the starter button and the 335bhp 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine – an uprated version of the unit from the 135i – barks into life. And as soon as you pull away, it’s clear that this is a very agile, driver-focused machine. Throttle response is sharp and the steering, although heavy, is full of feel.

Extend the six-cylinder unit to the 6,500rpm red line in the lower ratios, and you’re rewarded with savage response and a zingy, metallic engine note. An M Dynamic Mode also offers a more flexible engine set-up, which can switch between relaxed and torque-oriented or tuned for maximum power at the touch of a button – but that’s as gizmo-laden as the 1-Series M Coupé gets.


With its compact dimensions, this is a sports car that’s nimble and quick to respond to steering, brake or throttle inputs – and as a result, it’s a real pleasure to drive at any speed.

It should also be comfortable and easy to live with. The best M car for a long time?

Full review at AutoExpress

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