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BMW M Denies Plans To Build An M3 Touring

BMW kills any wet dreams with an M3 Touring the M enthusiasts might have had. Carsten Pries, Head of Product Management M Automobiles and BMW Individual at BMW M, told Dutch outlet Autovisie that the M3 Touring are just rumors and M has no plans to build one. Pries says an M3 Touring would certainly appeal to customers in Central Europe and the demand might be high, but he doesn’t see a market for the car outside Europe. The largest M market, the U.S., would be the toughest to penetrate, therefore creating a roadblock for the car.

BMW’s biggest competitors in that segment would be Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Both companies have their own respective hot-wagons in the C63 AMG Wagon and the RS4 Avant.


Our own Nico DeMattia hit the nail on the head: “BMW has done several excellent wagons in the past. It’s a company that simply knows how to get the wagon right. And it’s also a company that’s done fast wagons before as well. The E60 M5 Touring was one of the coolest wagons ever made, because V10. So it’s not as if BMW doesn’t have the know how. An F81 M3 Wagon would be absolutely incredible. It’s the best car BMW won’t make.”

Unfortunately for many of us that like super sporty wagons, the options are limited: either size up to an M SUV or find a similar product on the market.

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