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Five Vintage BMWs I Would Buy If I had $50k

In a discussion I had with a prominent automotive journalist, who also happens to be a big vintage car collector, some interesting ideas were brought up. Vintage cars are the dream of any car collector and while the choices are fairly limited, they are all exciting.

The gripping need to own a certain vintage car is what breaks many bank accounts. It’s a broken love affair but highly rewarding. And yes, car collectors will all stick to them no matter what.

So what makes vintage cars so exciting? Every modern BMW has something dating back to its forefathers. Every technology implemented has some connection to what was once state of the art, but is now found in almost all mainstream automobiles. It’s so easy to trace back every step of the technological and design evolution that these vintage cars bring to the table. For some of us, it’s a love connection that can be dated decades ago, and now we can finally afford that car we once dreamed about.
With that in mind, we looked on the market to find the five vintage BMWs worth spending $50,000 on it. We started back in 1957 and went all the way to 1990.

1. 1957 BMW Isetta

1957 BMW Isseta

2. 1970 BMW 2800CS

1970 BMW 2800CS

3. 1974 BMW 2002Tii

1974 BMW 2002Tii

4. 1990 BMW M3

$_57 (17)

5. 1988 BMW M6

1988 BMW M6

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