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Is this the upcoming Competition Package for F80 BMW M3?

Two interesting F80 BMW M3s were spotted in Germany on a transport carrier. The black M3 sedans are equipped with the exclusive light-allow 666M wheels, the very same wheels introduced by the BMW Concept M4 GTS – sans the Acid Orange accents.

So the following question arises: What’s a regular BMW M3 sedan doing with the exclusive wheels and black exhaust tips? Are we looking at the F80 M3 with the rumored Competition Package or is BMW preparing an F80 M3 CRT similar in concept with the previous E90 M3 CRT?


BMW has yet to acknowledge a new edition of the M3 CRT – the acronym stands for Carbon Racing Technology – but we’ve recently learned that future exclusive M3/M4 models are certainly being planned.

These could also be the first test vehicles of the Competition Packages which is rumored to arrive in 2016 and has also yet to be confirmed by BMW.


There is also a remote possibility that these prototypes are future F80 BMW M3 Limited Edition models which would carry unique wheels, some carbon fiber bits and an upgraded exhaust system.

At this point, everything is pure speculation, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a special M3 arriving next year to coincide with BMW’s 100th anniversary.


[Photos Credit: Heel & Toe-Blog]

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