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Rolls Royce SUV Renderings

Last week, British automaker Rolls Royce confirmed their plans to build a Sports Utility Vehicle within the next few years.

In a short press release, Rolls Royce CEO described the new SUV as an all-terrain car which has been designed to meet customers’ “highly mobile, contemporary lifestyles” expectations per the announcement. It will be a high bodied car featuring an ‘all-aluminum’ architecture and the new car will be marketed with the catchphrase, “Effortless . . . Everywhere”.

No time frames are given for when the new car will come to market – they will take their time and do it right.


The company has not given us any design clues, so many wonder whether the RR SUV will be a two box shape like the X5 or more coupe, like the X6, or perhaps a proportionally correct 7er GT? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin takes a stab at illustration the future Rolls Royce SUV.

Rolls-Royce delivered more vehicles in 2014 than ever before in its 111-year history. Global sales, which have more than quadrupled since 2009, gained 12 percent last year to 4,063 cars. The RR SUV would certainly help expand the brand and its customer base.


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