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Rumor: BMW M2 CSL to arrive in 2016

The idea of a BMW M2 CSL comes to forefront once again. Earlier this year we reported on the a possible lightweight M2 CSL arriving in the future and according to the usual suspect, Scott26, that might actually happen.

BMW has always had a strong fan base for its CSL variants of its sports cars. The 3.0 liter CSL of the ’70s and the E46 M3 CSL are some of BMW’s most popular models among enthusiasts. The insider says more CLS cars will be launched in the future with design ideas borrowed from hommage concepts to give the car a fresh visual perspective.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

BMW Vision Gran Turismo

Furthermore, according to the rumormill, “CSL cars will not only be the most extreme variants, but will also be used as the innovation test lab to test new and exciting innovation to enhance performance….” That also translates into the use of the eDrive platform and lightweight materials and construction.

Weight saving play an import role in BMW’s future product strategy and M cars already feature carbon fiber and composite plastics. In a recent interview for Autocar, Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW Group Head of Design, said that the E30 M3 is an inspiration for future BMW cars. “I’d have to give Colin Chapman the credit for the ‘performance through light weight’ mantra, but that was another big factor for the E30, and that is also a priority for us”, van Hooydonk said.

No other info has been shared at this time, and for now, BMW is preparing to unveil the M2 Coupe in October.

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