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This BMW M1 Was Hiding In A Garage For 34 Years


German BMW dealer and specialist Mint Classics might have found the biggest gem of the year – a 1981 BMW M1 which was hiding in barn for the last 34 years. And collecting a lot of dust.

Mint Classics says that the M1 was left to rot in an Italian garage and hasn’t been touched since 1982. This M1 still runs on the original OEM tires and – ready for it? – has only 7,392 kilometers on the odometer. Or just around 4,600 miles. Or an average of about 135 miles driven per year.


Featured the red color we’ve seen most of the M1s in, the supercar is still in good condition, despite the long hibernation, and likely the restoration will be more challenging when it comes to its drivetrain components.


Mint Classics says that it intends on returning the M1 to its original condition.


The BMW M1 was possibly the first everyday supercar, a car with incredibly performance that could also be driven comfortably everyday. The M1’s 24-valve, 3.5 liter I6, dry sump, mid-mounted engine was a gem, being built for racing but also great to drive at low speeds. It developed 266 hp, which was quite a lot in 1980, and was capable of 0-60 in 5.4 seconds and 8 seconds to 100 mph. That’s quick by today’s standards but was monstrous in 1980.


Only 430 units were ever built which makes this find even more unique, considering some of them sell now for about half a million dollars.

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