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Video: Chinese Businessman Pays BMW with $11,000 in Coins

While most of the world is currently using plastic cards to pay for everything, bills slowly becoming extinct, in other parts of the world some people are paying attention to things we otherwise ignore. How many times didn’t you just leave the change on the counter simply because you didn’t want it in your pockets or wallet? Well, it seems like getting all your change and saving it might add up in time, as this Chinese businessman proves, buying himself a BMW as a result.

The man apparently wasn’t as wasteful as some of us are and he saved up about $11,000 in five mao coins. In the end, he used the money for a down payment on a brand new BMW which was priced at 400,000 yuan, the Chinese currency. At today’s exchange rates that adds up to over $60,000. Since he had $11,000 in change to put down, he now only has to come up with the rest, which we’re guessing won’t be paid in similar fashion. Otherwise, we imagine the employees you can see counting everything in the video below might want to find different jobs.

According to Daily Mail, the man saved this impressive amount over a number of years but no exact details are offered. Furthermore, there’s no hint of this being a way of getting some sort of revenge on the dealership but it is impressive how well everyone employed there took it. After all, coins are money too, right? Why send someone away simply because his money will take a lot longer to count than is the case with others?

Not only did the employees spend several hours counting all of it, but they reportedly also went back to his home to retrieve about ten boxes filled to the brim with five mao coins, to add up to the sum he claimed he had. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the model he went for but judging by the price tags BMWs have in China, it’s probably a 1 Series or 2 Series model as the 3 Series starts at over 400,000 yuan.

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