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Video: Manhart MH2 630 Posts 7:35.6 BTG Lap Time

The guys from Manhart Racing are definitely trying to come up with something big. They already impressed us when they released the Manhart MH2 630, a car based on the BMW M2 but, as the name suggests, pushing out over 600 HP instead of the standard 370 HP the car comes with. And while that alone is impressive, it looks like the thing can not only go fast in a straight line but it can also corner like a demon on rails based on the video posted below.

The whole thing started off as a standard BMW M2 but in the usual Manhart way, the car was taken up to ludicrous amounts of power. The N55 engine under the hood was changed with a S55 mill that was then upgraded further still and ended up having 630 HP and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque. How all of that was achieved wasn’t disclosed by Manhart but we’re guessing ECU fiddling and a new set of turbochargers were thrown in the mix.

With that amount of power under its belt, the tuned M car completely changed its character but in order to keep it in check other changes were done to it. A new suspension setup including new coilovers and dampers, new aero bits on the outside to increase downforce and a roll cage are all part of the list of upgrades meant to help out on and off the track. The video below seems to be an attempt to see how fast the car can go around the famous Nurburgring.

However, while the 7:35.6 lap time might be considered fast, we need to remember that this was done on Bridge to Gantry not the entire Nordschleife. Therefore, it is a bit shorter. Then again, the run was done with traffic on the track and that also cuts into the time by a considerable amount. We just can’t wait to see just how fast this thing is around the complete Nurburgring and without traffic.

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